About Hyvor Groups

‚ÄčHyvor Groups is a community website where you can create groups on any topic, share useful content, and discuss amazing ideas. Hyvor Users can create posts on groups, comment on them and vote posts. They can join and participate in multiple groups.

What does it do?

Hyvor Groups is developed to build a flexible community with a generous culture which helps users to express their passion freely on related groups. It is designed to give all the users a space to share their voice. It encourages users to share their opinions, thoughts, inventions, discoveries, and more in groups. Its plan is to build a community "Where You Meet The World".

How does it work?

Any user can create a group. Depending on the visibility of the group, other users can join and participate in the group. The creator of the group becomes the first moderator of that group. That user can add more moderators. Those moderators have the ability to moderate the group. They can delete irrelevant posts, mark those as spam, ban users, etc.

Groups Visibility

  • Public Anyone can see. Anyone can post. Visible to search engines.

  • Protected Anyone can see. Only approved users can post. Visible to search engines.

  • Private Only approved users can post and see. Not visible to search engines.

Group Types

  • Posts Text, image and link posts can be shared.

  • Photos Only images can be shared.

Policies and Rules

When using Hyvor Groups, all the users should follow two things.

  1. Hyvor Groups Content Policy. These guidelines should be followed whenever using Hyvor Groups. These are created by the Hyvor Groups team.

  2. Each Group's Rules Moderators of groups can specify rules for each group. These rules can be found on the group page. When acting on any group, users should follow the rules of that group. If someone violates these rules, the moderators of that group has the full responsibility to act upon it.