Content Policy

What type of content you can share in HG (Hyvor Groups)

Hyvor Groups is "where you meet the world", specially a professional one. HG (Hyvor Groups) is built to let you easily find the best things around the world. Most of the time, you will find each group is always focused on a certain topic. Moderators of each group can specify rules for the groups. Make sure you obey them.

Here's what you should consider about before posting.

  • Find the correct group.

  • Do not post unrelated content.

Prohibited Content

Following content are prohibited.

  • Illegal content

  • Spam content

  • Personal and confidential content

  • Violating content

  • Sexual or pornography content

Creating a group for posting these types of content is also prohibited.

Prohibited Actions

  • Creating multiple accounts. (will cause of a ban of the all the accounts)

  • Asking for votes

  • Impersonating someone in a deceptive manner

Breaking the rules will cause temporary or permanent ban without any notification.